Artist Profile

I appreciate a visceral reaction to beauty - that intake of breath, staring, or loss of words.  Although, I guess that can momentarily apply to horror and politics as well:)  But the attraction of beauty reaches the universal heart and I like that quickening. 

Early on, my time was spent in the sculpture of lost-wax jewelry construction along with drawing and painting.   And for some years I worked in marketing for a large architectural firm where part of my job was to hire photographers.  I had been engaged in personal photography for a good while, transitioned into shooting for the firm, and eventually became a freelance architectural photographer.

I followed that 'quickening' to Fine Art Photography.  I am innately drawn to simplicity and order - places of quiet.  The mysteries and contradictions of our complicated existence, however, are loud and demanding, and I remain on the lookout for an artful expression of the interplay.

Office: 412-242-6335

Cell: 412-215-9026