Artist Profile

I like a visceral reaction to beauty - that intake of breath or loss of words. Often it is reacting to the natural world, but also to the built environment, fashion, or art - visually triggered by composition, form, color, light and/or texture.  Though it is a mystery how these elements matter, they do, and I like that quickening.

For some years I worked in marketing for a large architectural firm where the office culture attentively incorporated these elements.  Part of my job was to hire photographers.  I had been engaged in personal photography for a good while and began shooting architecture for the firm.  After a while I became a freelance architectural photographer.

My concentration now includes Fine Art Photography, a natural transition and a challenging one: the freedom and discipline of finding the same interaction of composition, form, color, light and texture in a broader range of subjects.  I am drawn to elegant simplicity, to lightness in being, to everyday wonder, and to the mysteries of our complicated existence.  And to artfully expressing the interplay.

Office: 412-242-6335

Cell: 412-215-9026