Please note:  Only the fine art images are for sale on line; if interested in the commercial architectural images, call 412 242 6335.


Pricing and print size information is found by clicking the shopping cart icon at the bottom of individual image screens. You find individual image screens by clicking on the selected image on the initial “group” screen of each portfolio.

Print Dimensions’ in the shopping cart, refer to the size of the paper images are printed on, and include a border of at least one inch.

Image sizes are based on image composition rather than matte and frame standards.  Because this varies, sizes vary and are not all listed, but are grouped together for pricing convenience.

Unless specified otherwise, these are all Open Edition prints, which I sign.   I print up to 24” wide paper in house.  Larger sizes and different substrates are printed outside and additional costs/time apply.  Signatures can be placed below the image in the white border as is done in traditional print making, on the image itself as is done with paintings, or on the back.  This could be a framing consideration.  Call me at 412 242 6335 or email me at if you have a signature placement preference.   If no preference is stated, it will be my choice, and that is influenced by the paper and the image itself. 

Paper and Ink

Images are predominantly printed on Hahnemühle Digital Fine Art paper.  Hahnemühle is a highly-regarded, environmentally-concerned German company producing and selling artist paper since 1584.  The paper is acid-free and weighs a substantial 305-320 gsm.  This paper provides an optimal substrate that together with Epson’s top-of-the-line pigment inks, offers advanced archival print-life stability for the fine art market. 

I generally use matte papers classified as having “no, very low, or moderate” optical brightening agents (OBA), and at times choose a pearl surface; glossy surfaces are also available.   If you have preferences, free to call 412 242 6335 or email me at

Shipping and Handling

Prints are individually enclosed in polyethylene envelopes and shipped in either tubes or flat envelopes depending on size.  Shipping and handling costs are additional.  At this point I accept only US dollars and ship within the US.  For “Standard Shipping” allow 7 to 10 days for delivery; for “Priority” mailing allow 3 to 5 days.

To determine shipping rates begin the ordering process by adding the artwork to the shopping cart and entering your shipping zip code.  Then select “Click on Shipping Method”.  This rate is for one art piece.  Taxes will be automatically included.  If you choose to purchase the piece, select “continue”.

Cancellations and Returns

Cancellations must be received within three days.  If the cancellation is received after the order is shipped, it will be treated as a return. 

From the time the tracking process states delivery of prints, there is a 10-day, money-back guarantee when prints are returned in their original condition, by insured trackable means.  Refunds are made using the same method by which the artwork was purchased, within 10 days of receipt of prints.  Initial shipping charges paid by the client are not refunded - only the print purchase price.

Handling Prints

  • Prints are sprayed to protect them from dirt, fingerprints, UV light, and moisture, but still require care in handling as surfaces are susceptible to abrasion.  Use acid-free paper between prints or store in the polyethylene envelopes provided.

   Framing and Display

  • Use archival mattes, tapes and glues for mounting and framing. 
  • For the best print stability, display prints on paper under glass and away from direct sunlight.

I am a one-person shop, print on a per-order basis, and welcome custom orders.  Feel free to call 412 242 6335 or email me at